Why communications?  Communications are vital in an emergency to relay information quickly and accurately to the Incident Commander (IC) and in relaying the IC’s responses to the appropriate person or team.  As a communications team member you may be embedded with Search and Rescue (SAR), Medical, or assigned a stationary position such as IC, supply, or a specific landmark.

Communications team members utilize FRS and Amateur Radio frequencies.  At Eastlake CERT we recommend team members have an Amateur Radio license to make use of the greater range and readability of Amateur Radios.  It is not necessary to be an Amateur or “HAM” as we are called sometimes.

Eastlake CERT also has it’s own amateur repeater for North Pinellas county and is used in communicating during emergencies.  The Eastlake CERT repeater is on a frequency of 444.800 MHz positive offset and a tone of 146.2 Hz. To be ready, we have a weekly net on Wednesday evenings at 7:00PM, which is open to all licensed amateur radio operators. We also and provide public safety communications for several walk/run events throughout the year, such as the YMCA Reindeer Run, The Eastlake Fire 5K run, The Rotary Car Show, and the Toymakers Fair.  We also train with other Eastlake teams, as requested.  Knowing how and when to transmit information is a key to effective communication and these events are a great way to train to communicate effectively in a non-life threatening situation. ��