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Training and Exercises


David Moore

David has been training students for many years and provides many different forms of training to the team. He incorporates feedback from Team Leaders and members to develop a training program that will insure well rounded first responders. The material comes from many different locations to include Pinellas County, FEMA, CDP (Center for Domestic Preparedness), DHS, CDC, and many other college and institutions.

Team Overview

Training is provided on a continual basis, often daily, on many different topics in the Emergency Management, Response, Recovery, Command, Medical, SAR, Communications, FEMA best practices, survival, improvisation, and general job skill and functions.  

Duties and Responsibilities

East Lake CERT provides training to new potential team members who sign up for the Citizen Corps CERT training. This training is necessary to join a CERT and can be taken from any team that has a training program established. East Lake CERT holds the Basic G-317 training four times a year and also can provide training during other times for a group that wishes to participate.  

Another responsibility is to  provide more advanced training to members who would like to move past the basic training in to other more specialized areas to include SAR, Medical, and Communications.

Along with training, we also conduct drills and exercises to insure that this training will be practiced in as close to a real world environment as possible. This includes hands on, live victims, in suitable structures which will give the member a sense of accomplishment.

Tools and Resources

While we often us audio, video, and slide presentations to get the training to the user, we also mix this training with practical hands on training which we have found to be a better way for the student to retain the material.

Other Resources

Please visit these other resources to learn more about how this part of the team operates and some of the other things that you may find useful.



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