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Search and Rescue Team


Dennis Bess 

Dennis brings many different energies to the SAR team. His leadership and ability to give vision to the team along with his ability to provide imaginative field problems continues to help insure the SAR team is ready for action.

Team Overview

East Lake CERT Search and Rescue (SAR) Team will provide support for Urban SAR (USAR) and Wilderness SAR (WSAR) activities when called into action. Using standardized search techniques, East Lake SAR team can be deployed to disaster stricken communities to locate victims and provide immediate patient stabilization actions to insure lives are saved.  

Duties and Responsibilities

East Lake CERT SAR team will be deployed into a community, structure, or wooded area, and by using standard search approaches, members will locate lost or injured victims, stabilize the patient, and extract that patient to the medical treatment area.

Tools and Resources

The SAR team can be deployed in  several configurations which might include a fast strike team made up of just a few members to more of a task team made up of communications, medical, and searchers. These configurations are determined by the needs of the Operations staff and the type of incident. All searchers will be outfitted with the necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the mission which will include a radio, medical supplies, possibly a compass, maps, water, etc...

Other Resources

Please visit these other resources to learn more about how this part of the team operates and some of the other things that you may find useful.



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