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Communications Team


Barb Conciatori

Barb has worked as the Communications Leader since the inception of the team and since the beginning, she has made it her personal mission to grow the team with training and qualified radio operations staff members. Starting with nothing, she has grown the team to more than a dozen, collecting equipment that the team can use, communication exercises and drills, and always looking for new ways to make communications better for the team.

Team Overview

East Lake CERT Communications provides a critical role for supporting the team during activities. These activities include exercises, drills, events, and also during an incident when we are activated.

Duties and Responsibilities

East Lake CERT has been tasked with setting up auxiliary communications for East Lake Emergency Operations Center in the event that primary communications fail. This backup communications medium will be used to relay messages back and forth from the Pinellas County Emergency Operations Center.

Other responsibilities include providing team support during events. This support is used to control field deployed team member movement to insure safe and effective activities.


Many different forms of equipment are used to accomplish the duties of the communications team. These include FRS (Family Radio System) radios, GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) radios, 800 MHz radios, and for longer distances, Amateur Radios operating in the HF, VHF, and UHF bands. All team members are encouraged to work toward getting their HAM License from the FCC. This insures that each member can communicate at every level of equipment used.

The communications team also prides itself as being mobile. If primary communications are disrupted, secondary communication systems can be brought online in less than an hour either through a base ground unit or by using our mobile communication incident trailer which has been outfitted with the latest technology to get the job done.

Other Resources

Please visit these other resources to learn more about how this part of the team operates and some of the other things that you may find useful.



Antenna Building Class Video




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