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East Lake CERT Board of Directors

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David has been on the team for a few years now and also serves as the Training Leader. David's responsibility is to set the direction for the team and to challenge them with new and exciting activities to keep the team's skills ready and sharp. David holds the Professional Development Series certification from FEMA, graduated from St. Petersburg College EMT program, and is currently working on his BAS in Emergency Management and Public Safety.


David Moore


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Tom has been with the team for several years and has taken an active role in the teams growth. He is a strong leader and well respected in the team.


Tom Havlik


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Barb has been a member of East Lake CERT since its inception in 2005. She was aware that moving to Florida would have its’ drawbacks, as did New York, just different ones.  If we wanted to learn how to cope with these new vulnerabilities, she thought it wise to become educated and  CERT seemed the perfect opportunity.

She felt that after 9/11 and Katrina there seemed to be the same outstanding weakness to any plan, that weakness was a lack of communication. This became her focus and the goal is for East Lake CERT to become an independent emergency communications asset to support East Lake Fire Rescue and the surrounding districts. Her team is halfway through that effort and now have a mobile equipment, training, response and Emcomm unit.  Her message: "Come join the effort and help bring this capability to your community through training, participation and, commitment."


Barb Conciatori


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Dennis brings several years of business experience to the team and his role. His duties as Secretary include meeting minutes and corporate compliance. Dennis is also the co-leader for our Search and Rescue program.

Corporate Secretary

Dennis Bess


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Ralph has been with the team for many years and has held many leadership positions within the group. He has a wide range of knowledge and experience which he puts to use in guiding the team in many different areas.


Ralph Farmer



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